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Oman is another example of a nation that strictly censors the websites that citizens are able to visit.  And, those that visit the country and attempt to access the sites that they use on a regular basis will quickly learn that blockades are in place that will prevent access.  VPNs, the acronym for Virtual Private Networks, can be the doorway for undeterred internet access Skype and VoIP access while living or visiting Oman.  The ISPs will do you little good without remote access, and you may be surprised which websites will be blocked when hopping online.

Omantel is the only ISP in Oman, and many residents prefer to not using the internet at all, as the “watch dog” group that oversees the internet in the nation watches things very closely.  Arrests can ensue if particular sites are being viewed that the government deems threatening.  The privacy that a VPN service can give users will prevent any monitoring and ensure that you have quick, safe access to anything you see fit.

There have been cases of individuals posting comments on standard connections within the country and learning shortly after that they were being arrested.  Anything mentioned a forum or message board is under scrutiny, and it falls on the government’s interpretation of your statement.  If you’d like to roll the dice and hope for the best, be our guest, but it cannot be stressed enough how important privacy is when operating online in countries such as Oman.

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is another “connection” facility that the government deems unsafe.  Many who use Skype in their travels will be upset to learn that calls cannot be made via the popular communicative platform.  VPNs can also help you in this regard, lifting the banishment software that is implemented through the state-operated connections.

The remote access location that you can get via a VPN service will not only give you the freedom to surf wherever you like, but also ensure your safety.  From public access security risks to wondering if the government found your latest comment offensive, nothing can alleviate your concerns like accessing your favorite sites through a clean, private channel.  Social networking, YouTube, and VoIP services are all important when travelling, so be sure that you have everything you need to life the national restrictions and access the internet that you know and love.  VPNs are the perfect solution, and when you consider the possibilities without them, the potential effects are convincing enough.



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